About Us



J. McGrath Mailing Services, Inc. provides complete mail preparations services for major mailers. Each day we process, assemble and prepare for distribution more than 250,000 pieces of First and Standard-Class mail. We burst, trim and fold; insert, presort, distribute and even store your complete materials inventory for you.

J. McGrath Mailing Services, Inc. furnishes a full range of services that guarantees the most professionally managed, accurate and timely mailings. Services are offered to a wide range of clients, including publishers, advertising agencies, sales promotion companies, banks and financial institutions, retailers, fundraisers, mail order companies and a diverse array of direct mail users.

Every member of the J. McGrath Mailing Services, Inc. staff, from those who schedule and control production to those who operate equipment, are fully trained and experienced. Their training and professionalism help ensure the complete success of your mailing.

J. McGrath Mailing Services, Inc. is backed by years and years of experience. Over the past twenty years, the J. McGrath staff has earned an unparalleled reputation for providing personalized, dependable and responsive services.